Craft Event Bar got its start at Canyon Run Ranch in 2015, when the Wards were in need of responsible bar management during events at their enchanting, and increasingly popular, rustic wedding barn.  Since that first wedding in the spring of 2015, Craft Event Bar has staffed over 150 wedding and event bars in the Miami Valley.  From the bucolic Canyon Run Ranch to the Dayton Airport and the Miami County Fairgrounds, we've handled events of up to 600 people, and still find time to innovate and develop incredible cocktails.  In 2018, CEB will be offering draft cocktails at events, debuting a refurbished antique ice shaver for margaritas and other treats, and offering our own ginger beer and citrus sodas.

Carly Witmer: Owner/Operator

Carly handles accounting and event planning and logistics for Craft Event Bar; she is who you will communicate with as you plan your event, and who you will work with on craft beer upgrades.  She may be one of your bartenders, too.

Carly has been working in bars and restaurants since 1997, becoming a bartender in 2004.  She has been on staff in Ohio at Michael Anthony's at the Inn in Versailles and was bar manager at The Caroline in Troy from it's opening in 2007 until 2010.  Carly is a life-long beer aficionado (her father is a home-brewer, beer critic and industry professional) and has hosted craft beer tastings since 2007.  When not living in Ohio, she has worked as bartender at an oyster shack on Australia's southern coast, and at a popular discotheque in Quito, Ecuador.  She tended bar at Slainte Irish Pub in Fells Point, Baltimore (one of the top 10 US soccer bars) during the 2014 World Cup, and worked events such as the Preakness and Baltimore Pride festival.  Carly also enjoys a career as a fine artist, exhibiting her paintings in galleries across the US. 

Carly's favorite drink is beer, particularly kolsch and somewhat sour offerings, but she is also a fan of good martinis. 

Hugh Kelly: Owner/Cocktail Director

Hugh Kelly designs and makes cocktails for Craft Event Bar.  He is the bar consultant at Smith's Boathouse and manages the bar menu there, too.  You will meet Hugh to taste cocktails and look to him for his studied knowledge of wine.  If you opt to add our coffee service, it will be Hugh who will roast the beans and slowly cold-brew your coffee for the most excellent flavors.  He may also be one of your bartenders.  

Hugh has been working in bars and restaurants on and off since 2002, while also devoting time to an advanced degree in philosophy.  As a home cook, Hugh developed a love of fresh ingredients and advanced culinary techniques, and began to study wine in earnest in 2010, while a server at the popular Rusty Scupper restaurant in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  Hugh now works as a bar consultant, designing bar menus and preparing cocktails for consistent, high-quality service.  He trains bartenders on proper techniques and equipment for expert cocktail construction and promotes advanced beer, wine, and cocktail knowledge among restaurant staff.  

Hugh's favorite drink is currently his Vieu Carré, though he tends to reach for a good bottle of wine on the average evening, paired with whatever he is eating.  

Amber Patton: Event Manager

Amber manages set-up and day-of logistics for events at Canyon Run Ranch.  She is a service professional who has run entire kitchens with her education in culinary arts.  She may also be one of your bartenders.  

Amber has been working in the service industry for the past 24 years, covering jobs from dishwasher to chef, and kitchen and front of house management.  She enjoys working in novel environments--from a truck stop to fine dining.  Amber's career is ultimately built around adventure and creativity and working to achieve a happy end result.  She is trained in, and passionate about cake decorating, but otherwise spends her time as 'Slamber Patton'; traveling with Dire Skates out of Richmond, and bringing roller derby excellence to it's adoring fans.  

Amber's favorite drink is a Peach Bellini, because she is a classy lady.  


If you know a CEB bartender, feel free to request their services for your event.