Blushing Bride

The Blushing Bride was originally batched for Alicia, and is full of the essence of rose without tasting like perfume.  This is a very simple, and very beautiful cocktail for any season where love blooms.  When choosing a rose water, available at Indian or Asian groceries, go for something bottled in glass rather than plastic.  Rose water is inexpensive in any case, so buy the best you can find or you run the risk of a perfume-y flavor. 


6 parts champagne or sparkling white wine, chilled

1 part Cranberry juice, chilled

Rose water to taste

Large, fresh roses for garnish; thoroughly cleaned


In a large decanter or punch bowl, mix all ingredients just prior to serving.  Do not mix this cocktail more than 15 minutes before serving, and try to mix it in small batches to avoid serving flat champagne. It is not difficult to refill on the fly- the main ingredients are stable and forgiving should you fudge your proportions somewhat; just be sparing with the rose water, adding it in dashes until the desired rose essence is achieved.  Too much rose water can become cloying.

For the garnish: take care rinsing your roses.  It is best to gently submerge them a few times in a cool water bath with a fruit and vegetable wash to ensure that they are clean enough to float atop your cocktail.  Any time spent on this is well worth the visual reward.