The King's Crown

This is a royal batch cocktail inspired by the infusions reportedly served to Henry VIII in the 16th century to assist in his digestion and general health.  The soothing properties of elderflower are imparted through St. Germain, and POM pomegranate juice adds antioxidants in addition to flavor.  Chamomile tea smoothes the edges of the 'moonshine', as well as any frayed nerves.

The crowning touch is a ring of ice garnished with pomegranate seeds and edible gold flake.


1 part Original Moonshine- chilled, from the freezer

1 part POM pomegranate juice, refrigerated

1/2 part St. Germain liqueur

1/2 part chamomile tea- chilled, from the refrigerator

Crown of Ice


Mix all cold ingredients in a large punch bowl, and float the crown.

Crown of Ice:

Using a fluted bundt cake pan, layer pomegranate seeds and as much edible gold flake as you like with 1-1/2" of distilled water, and freeze overnight.  If the ice doesn't immediately release from the pan, bathe it in cold water until it does.